Your document is edited and formatted – you are just about ready to publish! 

Now your document needs a final once-over to correct both small and large issues that may have fallen through the cracks.

  • spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors
  • correct formatting errors – wrong font, page numbering, image captions, headers, page breaks, and consistency.
  • ensure all materials are complete (headings, captions, links, image and text consistency, cross-references) 


Your draft’s content and structure are ready! Readability is the key to keeping your readers attention. 

A line and copy edit is an essential step to smooth and refine language, and improve the flow of ideas – all while preserving your unique voice.

  • improve word choices to convey your ideas to your intended audience
  • revise sentences & paragraphs to improve flow, and reduce wordiness
  • improve paragraph construction – clarify meaning, adjust length based on audience, introduce effective topic sentences.





Your book is ready to publish! Do you need an index? 

A great index will focus on key concepts and help your reader easily navigate your book.

Portfolio of my indexing work

Wish You Were Here: An Album of Messages & Memories from Old Ogunquit. Kenney Bassett & Nipper Johnson (upcoming)

From Urbanization to Cities, Murray Bookchin (AK Press) upcoming December 2021

Toronto: City of Commerce, Katherine Taylor (Lorimer Canada) upcoming September 2021

Reindeer Reflections, Jerry Haigh (Rocky Mountain Press) upcoming September 2021

East Coast Nature, Jeffrey C. Domm (Formac Publishing)

Unsung Heroes of the Canadian Army, Cynthia J. Faryon (Formac Publishing)

John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Year Canada was Cool, Greg Marquis (Formac Publishing)

The Green Door restaurant vegetarian cookbook (2009) unpublished